Ten Things that Make these Recipes Different

If you choose organic, you do that because you care for your health as well as the wellbeing of our planet. However, with the abundance of organic frauds and gimmicks, it may be hard to tell the genuine organic or natural product from “greenwashed” wannabe that puts the word “organic” on the label without any true relation to the contents of their tubes and bottles. Today, a company can call their products “natural” even if they use 0.01% of natural ingredients in their product! Many of the recipes in the natural realm are full of artificial ingredients. 

Here are ten things that make these recipes and the resulting products different from organic recipes out there: 

1. I want you to be able to create environmentally friendly, toxin-free beauty products that will make you healthier and improve your wellbeing. There’s not a single artificial or harmful ingredient suggested for use in these recipes. 

2. Whenever possible I recommend using raw or minimally processed ingredients that have been grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and stored without the use of irradiation. 

3. Whenever possible I recommend using ingredients that have not been genetically modified, especially when it comes to vegetable oils and soy-derived ingredients. 

4. These recipes rarely contain ingredients from animal sources, such as gelatin, collagen, animal-based emulsifiers, and animal fats. Some of the exceptions include milk, yogurt, and beeswax. 

5. At Petite Marie Organics we do not support or commission the testing of raw materials and finished products on animals. If possible, you should not purchase cosmetic ingredients from companies that do not have a clear policy against animal testing. 

6. The recipes in this book contain absolutely no ingredients derived from petroleum. 

7. I do not recommend using synthetic preservatives, penetration enhancers, talc, artificial dyes or fragrances in any of these recipes. 

8. Some recipes in this book call for the use of alcohol. I do not recommend using a rubbing or denatured alcohol because of the presence of highly toxic and carcinogenic substances such as isopropyl alcohol and acetone required by law to make ethanol undrinkable. I recommend using pure ethanol, distilled grain or grape spirits such as vodka or grappa. Please make sure you have reached the legal drinking age for your country before purchasing alcohol to use in recipes in this book. 

9. Each recipe contains a recommended shelf life. To extend shelf life you may refer to the segment on natural preservatives. Do not use the products that are past the expiry date which you should clearly indicate on the packaging of the product, even if you plan to use them yourself. 

10. These recipes have been thoroughly tested; some were approved by a dermatologist (doctor-vetted recipes are used in the production of Petite Marie Organics beauty products, yet I cannot offer you exact formulations for these products; 

there’s such thing as copyright.) 
Your personal body chemistry is the only way to make sure that these recipes would work for you. Your skin may react to certain ingredients especially if you are taking prescription medications that may increase the sensitivity of your skin or if you have a family history of allergies. This is why a patch test is the best way to make sure your homemade beauty preparation is compatible with your body chemistry. 

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