Tips on Sleeping Better During Pregnancy

Here are some tips to help you sleep more comfortably during pregnancy. To begin with, you need a comfortable sleeping environment. A firm mattress will really help your body relax and you also need to keep the room at a cool temperature. You'll tend to be a lot hotter during pregnancy than you would be normally. So, having a fan or an air conditioner in the bedroom will help you keep cool as you sleep.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position is one of the biggest problems during pregnancy. It's impossible to sleep on your stomach and, after your fourth month, you don't want to sleep on your back. Resting on your back constricts major blood vessels. It also puts a lot of strain on your intestines and your back, which can cause or aggravate hemorrhoids or constipation. Instead, you'll have to sleep on your side. Using a pillow between your legs or underneath your stomach can make side sleeping a lot more comfortable. Also, spreading out your legs can be a more comfortable position for side sleeping.

One of the most disruptive things about sleeping when pregnant is having to get up multiple times during the night. This is pretty much difficult to ignore, but if you limit your intake of liquids a few hours before you go to bed you may have to get up fewer times during the night. Of course, it's vitally important that you stay properly hydrated during pregnancy.

So, if you're not drinking during those hours before bedtime, make sure to drink extra during the rest of the day. Having nightlights or dimmer switches in the bedroom and bathroom means that you won't have to turn on bright lights when you get up in the middle of the night. Staying in semi-darkness will help keep your body in sleep mode, so it'll be easier to nod off again when you get back in bed.

If you're having trouble sleeping because your mind is racing thinking about the new baby and all the changes that will soon be happening in your life, try practicing some relaxation techniques before bedtime. A light snack, a warm bath, or a little bit of yoga are all ways to help your mind relax so that you'll be able to fall asleep easier when you get in bed. If you just find it difficult to rest, get up and do something else instead of tossing and turning. Then, you may find yourself sleepy enough in an hour or so to get back in bed and fall asleep again.

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