Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, it's especially important to pay attention to what you're eating. After all, you're providing nutrients for yourself and your developing baby. 

Now, that means you might have to make some changes in your diet.

We're always hearing about what women shouldn't eat during pregnancy, like sushi or some types of cheeses, but today we're going to talk about what women should eat while pregnant. First of all, we need to clear up the eating for two kinds of things because a lot of women eat for too many people at once. All you really need during pregnancy is about three hundred extra calories a day. 

So one of the things that pregnant women really have to make sure that they're getting enough of is calcium. What you need is about twelve hundred milligrams of calcium a day. One cup of milk provides around three hundred and fifty. A cup of yogurt could be four hundred milligrams of calcium. One and a half slices of cheese is the same thing as having one cup of milk. Tofu, especially extra firm tofu, happens to be high in calcium. 

If you're pregnant and in the mood for a snack, you shouldn't just grab anything. 

You want to have snacks that are valuable. Sometimes it's very hard to meet your needs within three meals. So, to make your snacks valuable, you want to be sure that you have foods that kind of multitasking. A cup of milk actually gives you calcium and protein, and a lot of vitamins and minerals. 

You can have some dip and veggies. While you're at it, you could also dip these veggies into some yogurt if you'd like. Dried fruit and nut mixes will give you calcium. It will also give you a lot of good carbohydrates for energy. Even a bowl of cereal with milk is great. Try some almond butter on a piece of wholegrain bread. 

Many pregnant women say they need more iron. Some rich sources of iron would be something like dried fruit and nuts and also, leafy greens. Leafy greens are those foods that also multitask because leafy greens are also very high in folic acid. And folic acid is very important because it helps with the forming of your baby's neural tube, which actually becomes your baby's spinal cord. Citrus juices are very high in foliate. So, if you can get a citrus juice, that also multitasks and you can get a citrus juice that's fortified with calcium, you're getting calcium and folic acid at the same time. 

When it comes to protein what you need is around twenty-five grams of protein a day extra beyond what you normally need. So, lean meat, and chicken, and turkey, and fish are all excellent sources of protein. An egg is a great source. Tofu is high in protein. And don't forget that even a snack of cheese and crackers, or peanut butter or almond butter and crackers could be a great source of protein. 

It is also important to try and drink up to eight glasses of water a day. The ideal thing is to have enough fluid and fiber. So, whether it's high fiber cereal or lots of veggies and fruit, generally, the biggest issue is portion size. Just try to make sure that you're eating small meals, but eat frequently. It is so important to eat healthy before, during, and after pregnancy because after you have your baby you're a role model. So you want to have healthy food around the house so that your child can grow up to be healthy and strong. 

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