How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Style?

Maybe you live for the nightlife, frequenting concerts and trendy cocktail bars. 

Maybe you’re a little more outdoorsy, preferring to spend your leisure time working in the garden or going for a scenic hike. Maybe you work an office job and your preferred way to unwind involves a good book and a glass of wine. Your style should reflect your lifestyle in order for things to run smoothly. 

For example, you can’t climb a mountain in heels. You can’t wear hiking boots to the office, and you probably wouldn’t go see your favorite band in casual office attire. The style you choose should directly reflect the things you plan to do when you leave the house.

 If your personal tastes in fashion and accessories don’t necessarily reflect the kind of activities you like to do, this gives you the opportunity to craft a unique personal style. 

Put a spin on your style selection. There’s no reason you can’t be glam in the office or luxurious on a camping trip. The trick is discovering the right compromises between function and form. This is what truly sets you apart from others around you, allowing you to shine. 

Remember that when it comes to style, everything is subjective. At the end of the day, you should be who you want to be. Don’t worry about the judgment of others. You need to be comfortable with the way you present yourself, and you should never let anybody stop you. 

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