Besides various diseases that also have repercussions over the skin, its health can be shaken by some external factors, whose bad influence can appear at a certain moment. The living conditions, the apartments without air, sun, with high tempernature or very dry air, because of the radiator, influence the function of skin glands, leading especially to the exsiccation of the skin. This is why it is important to ventilate the house perfectly, practicing a sport or walking, daily, for thirty minutes, hydrotherapy and applying creams that compensate for the lack of natural grease. The nutrition especially influences the skin. If the face has an aptitude for acne or it’s congested, you have to drop from your alimentation the baloneys, fermented cheese, cans, sauces, alcoholic beverages, pickles, beasts of chase and generally suppressing the aliments hardly digestible that ferment easy. 

In the case of dry complexion, the alimentation must be rich in fats and hydro-carbonate, because it increases the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Generally, it is recommended for the nutrition to be various and based on gender, age, place of work, etc. Tight clothes, corsets create circulatory problems that produce the congestion of the cheek, favoring the apparition of couperose. The cheek has to be protected against temperature variations, which badly influence especially the dry complexion bereft of the protective layer of natural fitness. Excessive exposure to sunlight leads to dehydrating, roughness and weathering the skin, in the case of not protecting it with sunscreen creams, which form a screen against the sun rays. 

The medicine abuse or using them without a doctor’s prescription is also harmful. 
Especially the hypnotics seem to act unfavorably against the elastic tissue of the skin. Insufficient rest also influences unfavorably the aspect of the cheek. This is why we must respect the sleep hours, being indicated that once a week to rest even nine-ten hours. Irrational care, soap abuse, degreasing lotions, concentrated alcoholic lotions, water too hot or too cold, undiluted glycerin, Vaseline, excessive makeup, bad message, are factors that harm the health of the skin. 

The soap cleans and decreases the skin, clearing away the sebum, impurities, dust, and perspiration, for these reasons being indicated for oily skin. The soap abuse is contraindicated because it softens too much the horned layer of the skin and leaves traces of alkali that engrave the skin an alkaline reaction, unlike the normal reaction which is acid. For this reason, the persons that usually use the soap will smear their cheek after every wash with a little bit of acidulated water. In the case of dry complexion, because of the dryness of the skin, using the soap is not recommended. As well, degreasing lotions, alcoholic lotions whose concentration of alcohol is more than 50%, concentrated glycerin will definitely be avoided in the case of dry complexion, and in the case of the only one, the first two will only be used with the doctor’s opinion. Concentrated glycerin also will not be applied on oily skin, because being an absorber, it dehydrates, irritates and even pigments the skin. The habit of using hot water at the daily wash on the reason that it decreases better is not recommended, because it softens the tissues and distends the pores, and the skin becomes limp. Used daily, hot water also leads to vasodilatation, which finalizes with blood stasis followed by nose and cheeks redness. 

Cold water produces temporary vasoconstriction, which harms the feeding of the skin. This is why we have to use warm water, and from time to time we will wash the cheek, alternative, with hot and cold water, a procedure that favorably acts over the blood circulation, ensuring a better nourishing of the skin. The use of pure 
Vaseline will be avoided because it is not absorbed by the skin but, in exchange, can favor the apparition of pigmentation. The massage made by persons that do not possess special knowledge is very harmful. Using excessive makeup, especially on a dry complexion, leads to jeopardizing the health of the skin. This is why we have to avoid the appliance of makeup on a face that has not been smeared with fat creams, and it is imperative that we cleanse the cheek before going to bed. In conclusion, it is mandatory to have rigorous and adequate hygiene for each type of complexion, avoiding the procedures or the concoctions listed above that contribute to jeopardizing the health of the skin. 

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