Cosmetic Procedures : The Facial Massage

The massage is a complex procedure of operations, used in hygienic or therapeutic purpose in medicine and cosmetics. It consists in movements executed systematically, with hands or special equipments, on various regions of the body. The massage was used from ancient times by Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, being a method of local and general activation of the organism’s functions. In the following, we will explain the massage made for esthetic purposes to maintain the vitality, elasticity of the skin and face muscles and especially in the purpose of preventing the apparition of wrinkles or attenuating the already formed ones.

The facial massage will be practiced as well in preventive purpose, as in curative one. The question is when is it the indicated time for starting this treatment, because not making it in time, can aggravate a lot the situation, because undue treatment cannot bring the desired improvement. Preventively, the facial massage can be practiced starting the age of twenty five-thirty, prolonging this way the stamina and the tonicity of the muscles. Resorting to massage only at fifty years old is much too late, because the skin that lost its elasticity is very hard to recover to its usual state.

The beneficial results of the massage practiced in time and correctly are explained by the fact that this way it is realized a powerful influx of blood in the tissues, their feeding is improved and the activity of the sebaceous glands is stimulated, which contributes to obtaining the “acid mantle” of the skin. Also a revival of the mus- cular tonus is obtained, the skin maintains its elasticity and at the same time blocks forming the fat deposits in the tissues from under the facial skin and the layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin is removed. To not get to contrary results though, it is necessary, in the case we use automassage, to posses some ABC.

If the face presents itself with different skin injuries like acne, pimples, eczemas, burns or open lesions, it is not indicated practicing the massage. Before starting the massage, it is necessary to tie our hair with a kerchief or, preferably, with a stripe of cloth specially reserved for this purpose. Good results are obtained if the face was first well cleansed with an emulsion or a makeup removal cream. Before starting the massage we will wash our hands. The nails will be cut short, to avoid bruising the cheek. After the removal of the impurities and makeup, regarding the nature of the skin, we will grease the dry skin with a fat cream, and the oily skin will be powdered with talc or greased with dry cream, in which case, during the mas- sage, we will wet from time to time the fingertips to ease the moves. The massage will not last longer than fifteen-twenty minutes. The moves will not be executed with brutality, and their intensity will be reported to the age (the older you are, the more intense will be the moves). The most common moves used for massage are the following:

-Caressing or smoothing, this will start and finish the massage. It consists in shallow moves, using for this purpose the pulps of the fingers, possibly the whole palm. The orientation of the moves is determined by the direction of the blood and lymph’s circulation. Through these movements it is accomplished an enhance- ment of the blood and lymph’s circulation, a stimulation of the muscles activity and a calming action.

-Rubbing or massaging consists in moves executed with pressure, using the pulp of the fingers. The moves of the fingers can be circular, criss-cross, rectilinear, ver- tical, horizontal etc. It is recommended for intensifying the local circulation and for decongesting the more profound tissues.

-Kneading and pinching. Kneading is the procedure by which the movement is like kneading the dough. In this case the respective portion is grabbed between the thumb and the other fingers. Through this procedure it is activated the feeding of the tissues, are stimulated and fortified the muscles. The moves will be carried out very slowly. The pinching procedure is actually a variance of the kneading massage in which the moves are generally executed using only two fingers and are short- lived. It is especially recommended for the oily skin because it removes the surplus of sebum of the sebaceous glands.

-Tapotement or beating out consists in short moves, frequent and rhythmical, ap- plied using the palm face of the fingers or the external margin of the hand. Through this procedure it is obtained an enhancement in feeding the tissues, a growth of the muscles tonus and a calming action over the sensitive nerves.

-Pianotation is the procedure that consists in movements executed with four fin- gers, moves resembling to those made by playing a piano. It is obtained a revival of the tissues and the activation of the blood’s circulation. -Vibration or shaking. This procedure can be carried into effect by using the thumb, the four fingers or even the entire palm and consists in rapid shaking moves, of vibration. It acts especially over the profound tissues. Executing these moves is fatiguing and can be replaced by a vibrating electric device. The manual massage can be completed by electric massages, done with special electric devices. Before making the moves we will warm some cream into our palm, then through a caressing massage, we will apply the cream on the cheek and neck in three moves, the first starting from the middle of the chin, toward the ears, the second is a circular move on the cheeks, and the third starts from the middle of the forehead toward the temples. After we make some caressing moves, spreading the cream and making it get into the skin.

-The massage of the forehead will be executed through moves starting from the eyebrows to the root of the hair, using both hands, which work alternatively. It is indicated for the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead. The massage for the vertical wrinkles of the forehead is executed slowly sliding from the middle of the forehead toward the temples. For the wrinkles of the forehead can be made circular and zigzag moves.

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