Beginner Program To Build Muscle Without Weights

When you are just starting out I suggest you perform all of the chest exercises, starting with the two deep breathing ones, for 1 week. As you are always resting between exercises for a day this would mean performing them 3 to 4 times in the course of a week.

The reason you are starting with the chest exercises is that they are the best at training your body to accept large amounts of oxygen. This energizes your body and will prepare you for the coming weeks. Once you have done the chest exercises for at least a week it is time to start adding in additional self resistance exercises.

While still performing all of the chest exercises I suggest you pick one or two exercises from each of the remaining sections to add to your routine. So from the abdominal exercises section you might pick the isometric stomach flattener. From the shoulder exercises section you might pick shoulder pushes, and so on. Perform these bodybuilding exercises in this fashion, changing them up as you like, for another 2 weeks minimum.

At this point you body should be primed for maximum muscle growth and you can start to focus on areas where you really want to see rapid improvement. Let’s say you really want to build muscle in your arms. In this case you would perform a breathing exercise followed by one of the chest exercises (instead of doing all of them), one or two exercises from the rest of the sections, and then finish off with ALL of the arm exercises.

Do this 3 or 4 times, always resting for a day between workouts, for at least a week. Once the week is up you can either keep working on your arms or change things up and focus on another body part.

To summarize, this is the beginning workout routine I would recommend: Week 1 All chest exercises Week 2,3 All chest exercises while adding one or two exercises from the other sections Week 4 Begin with a deep breathing exercise (like the deep breathing chest expander). Now perform one or two exercises from the other sections plus all from one area you want to focus on. Do this for at least a week and then change it up as you wish.

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